About Us

HealthSERVE Records Management has been delivering comprehensive document management services since 1973. We apply forward–thinking resources and technologies to process, capture, index, track, store and retrieve digital and hard copy records — resulting in a proven low–risk, high–efficiency outsourcing solution for Northern California's most information–intensive organizations.

Our Value Proposition

Each step of managing the information lifecycle is executed in a controlled environment to assure data security, chain–of–custody tracking and process integrity. Our value proposition includes:

  • Flexible service offerings customized to meet clients' unique requirements
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Dedicated resources utilizing advanced processing technologies
  • Continuous quality improvement programs to ensure operational excellence
  • Financially strong organization committed to earning and maintaining long–term customer relationships

Our Standards

Security, accessibility and confidentiality are fundamental to our business relationships. We view our services as integral to the operations and goals of each client we serve. HealthSERVE Records Management standards are set to meet the needs of emergency care in a medical setting, which requires the greatest accuracy and speed of retrieval – as well as confidentiality and security.

These high standards, supported by superior technology and systems, are maintained for all our clients.

Certification of Security

All HealthSERVE Records Management Record Centers are secured against intrusion and protected from damage by heat, smoke, fire, water, pests and seismic activity. Facilities are secured against unauthorized entry by alarmed security systems in operation 24 hours a day. Technical security mechanisms and services exist to protect information and control and monitor individual access to information.

Computer hardware and software are housed in a secure facility protected from unauthorized entry. Firewalls are monitored 24/7 and are sufficient to prevent unauthorized access to client data. Hardware is redundant to prevent system downtime caused by hardware failure. Archive media is replicated. Software and databases are backed up on a daily basis, with a full system backup on weekends. To prevent computer shutdown due to power failure, HealthSERVE Records Management has full power backup via a diesel generator.

Certification of Accessibility

HealthSERVE Records Management certifies that all records are accessible to authorized personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Records can be delivered within one hour or less at anytime, or transmitted via facsimile.

Certification of Confidentiality

All information included in our clients' records is confidential. HealthSERVE Records Management will not use or disclose confidential information for any purpose other than in the performance of a service agreement.

To avoid the risks associated with breaches in confidentiality, all employees are subject to background checks prior to employment and sign confidentiality agreements before being allowed access to any client information. HealthSERVE Records Management mandates annual security training for every employee and maintains a zero–tolerance policy toward any breach of confidentiality.

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