EDM Application Services

HealthSERVE Records Management provides application services to all categories of business consumers, from geographically distributed regional medical facilities to single person offices. Wherever your business may be in the spectrum, we can provide custom application services for you.


We established HealthSERVE Records Management on the cutting edge of application services when deploying our first web–based EDM solution in 1996. Since then, we have converted, archived and electronically delivered millions of digital records to our imaging clients. Our web–based delivery model utilizes “thin–client” technologies and avoids the implementation challenges associated with a client–server installation or control downloads, making application deployment no more complicated than providing your end users with a URL.


  • 24/7 system availability and 99.9 percent system availability
  • Distributed real–time access for all business documents for all system users
  • View, print, e–mail, fax–in or fax–out capabilities
  • Custom viewer options for easier image viewing
  • Advanced search and search results filters
  • Document Notification: allows your users to communicate or "tag" a message to our conversion staff concerning a document or class of documents directly within the application
  • Seamless upgrades and support


  • Roles–based access controls
  • System Audit Trails available to system administrators to generate user activity reports and audit individual document access for compliance with audit trail requirements imposed by HIPAA and the federal Privacy Act of 1974
  • “Strong Password” authentication
  • Encrypted image transfer and “clean–up”

System Requirements

  • Internet Explorer v. 5.5 or greater
  • Java JRE v. 1.6 or greater


Designed specifically for businesses that choose to retain their own data “library,” HealthSERVE Records Management picks up your documents, scans them and converts the images to HDDs CDs/DVDs. Simply import the deliverExchange® Index file from the CD/DVD to initiate a search for a file, enter the search criteria, then click and view the document.

In ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT/OVERVIEW/FULL SERVICE APPROACH: Provide scanned images available in our hosted deliverExplorer® product or transferred to CD/DVD/HDD in PDF format and available by means of deliverExchange®.


  • Convert data to PDF or TIFF
  • Custom index parameters
  • Wildcard search feature
  • Frame–enabled viewer for easier viewing of records
  • “Library Update”: This feature allows you to send data to HealthSERVE Records Management for conversion monthly, quarterly or annually, append that new data to your existing “library” and add new HDDs CDs/DVDs to your library collection
  • Allows users to print and save converted records


  • .NET encryption applied to all HDDs CDs/DVDs/HHDs, making the content unreadable without use of the deliverExchange® viewer application
  • Application–based password authentication to decrypt library CD/DVD/HDD collection

System Requirements

  • Microsoft .NET framework v. 1.1
  • Adobe Reader v. 7.0 or greater

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