EDM Conversion Services

HealthSERVE Records Management scanning/conversion services allow your organization to outsource the costliest and most labor-intensive tasks associated with adopting an EDM solution. The process of converting paper records to electronic content includes many “hidden” steps, which often cause a project's costs to quickly exceed scope and budget.

Reduce your company's exposure to such risk and leverage our professional services team to implement an efficient and scalable conversion process. Even if your company has elected to build and maintain its own in-house solution, HealthSERVE Records Management conversion services may still provide your company with the quickest and most cost efficient method of populating your new or existing EDM solution.

Conversion Services

  • Records Preparation – Paper services for your conversion clients include pick-up and transfer of your paper records to our secure offsite conversion facilities. Once at our conversion site, your records will be subject to all the preparation required to make paper records scan-ready, including:
    • Preliminary inventory and records management tracking
    • Staple and paper clip removal
    • Page repair (for torn and frayed edges)
    • Mounting and preparation of odd-sized documents
    • Barcode generation
    • Document sorting
  • Scanning and Capture – By leveraging our enterprise-class scanning solution, your organization avoids the capital costs associated with building out your own capture environment — as well as the attendant costs of supporting and maintaining the environment. Our high-volume capture solutions provide your department, office or entire organization with turnkey scanning capabilities, reducing both the time and cost normally associated with bringing an EDM solution online.

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