Electronic Document Management Overview

HealthSERVE Records Management has maintained a leadership role in web–based Electronic Document Management (EDM) services since our first enterprise class solution was implemented in 1996. By leveraging best–in–class workflow products, we deliver customized, scalable, reliable and secure EDM solutions to meet all your business process needs.

Enterprise Class EDM Services

HealthSERVE Records Management offers a comprehensive suite of services to help you transition to and/or maintain existing electronic records:

  • Application Services
    We provide feature-rich, hosted, web-based application services via deliverExplorer®. View, print, or "check out" any document, anytime, from any PC.
  • Business Process Automation Services
    Automation Services Our workflow solutions include robust capture and import routines, making it possible to host any type of business-class document, including paper, e-mail, fax, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, etc., as well as ASCII, forms and HTML content. We manage the complexity of processing all your business data by applying OCR technologies and indexing processes to correctly identify, classify and archive your critical business content.
  • Conversion Services
    Working on site or in our Record Centers, we prepare your files for scanning by performing all the manual labor required to produce scan-ready documents including pulling staples, removing paper clips, fasteners and prongs, and repairing torn documents.

Key Benefits of EDM

  • Cost of Entry — Our EDM services require no capital investment, no ongoing hardware or software maintenance costs and no licensing fees.
  • Legal Compliance — HealthSERVE Records Management is experienced in processing documents for a wide range of businesses, including the healthcare and government sectors, so you can be certain your records are handled in a manner that is compliant with all state and federal security provisions, including the Sarbanes–Oxley Act and HIPAA.

Full–Service Approach

Our experienced professional staff will help make the implementation of your EDM solution easy. We will:

  • Pick up files currently in storage at your location
  • Prepare files for scanning: pull staples, remove paper clips, remove from fasteners/prongs and repair torn documents
  • Scan all pages on high–speed duplex scanners
  • Index each file by identifying data
  • Provide scanned images available in our hosted deliverExplorer® product or transferred to HDD CD/DVD in PDF format and available by means of deliverExchange®. If your needs are limited to conversion services only, we can provide your imaged content to your in–house repository via a web service, portal or post–scanning electronic data transfer process
  • Destroy, store or return original paper documents, as per your instructions

Lines Of Business Offering This Service:

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